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English 10 Students:

  • Work on your own LA (Due Thursday!)
  • Work on your LA FoS Worksheet!

AP L&C Students:

  • Read & Annotate "Love, Internet Style" (pgs. 214-216)
  • Answer RA Questions #1, 5, & 6 on page 216
  • Answer Synth. Question #1 on page 221


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Rhetorical PrĂ©cis    Tone Words

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Active Reading Strategies

How to Annotate

#1 Q.A.R. (Question-Answer Relationship)     #2 Sketch to Stretch

#3 K-W-L     #4 Split Notes     #5 SQ4R

#6 Dialectical Journals      #7 SWBSTF      #8 How-What-Why Chart

True Tiger: Lawrenceburg's Lauren Hill